Who am I

_DSC0176Who am I?

No easy way to answer this question. Today I am the sum of every experience I’ve lived, every book I’ve read, every person I’ve met, every loss and every win, every sunset that I’ve seen, every hourĀ I’ve spent awake, every restless night and every lazy morning, every song I’ve listened to whose melody got straight to my heart, every movie I’ve seen and the ones I didn’t because I was busy doing something else, every kiss and every hug, and I tried to give plenty of those, every tear and every laugh, the least definitely more than the first, every mistake and every lesson, every heartbreak and every moment of pure happiness, every plane, train, car, boat, bus that took me to some place new, every little thing that made me feel alive and even those that made me feel like I was dying a little bit inside. If you ask me tomorrow I won’t be the same I am today but the thing that matters is always doing my best to be a little better and never stand still, always keep moving forward, even if it’s just one small step.